‘Why I’ve joined Liberal Left’…my latest blog post for ‘Left Central’

March 17, 2012 § 1 Comment

The following is a link to my latest blog post for ‘Left Central.’

It sets out why, this week, I’ve joined ‘Liberal Left,’ a left-wing caucus within the Liberal Democrats.

Here it is: http://leftcentral.org.uk/2012/03/15/why-ive-joined-liberal-left/

§ One Response to ‘Why I’ve joined Liberal Left’…my latest blog post for ‘Left Central’

  • Al McIntosh says:

    Firstly, may I applaud your courage in admitting that you were wrong to write your LDV piece.

    You will know that in the East Midlands we have been losing members rapidly over the last two years of coalition. There has been a problem with people at all levels in the party misunderstanding (or misrepresenting?) the nature of coalition. The party is not the coalition and the coalition is not the party. It is perfectly possible to support one and not the other. Unfortunately, a feature of the coalition in England has been that the two things have become conflated in too many member’s minds. Those that stop believing (or never did believe) in the coalition think (and are too often encouraged to think) that this means they can no longer support the party and leave. I hope that Liberal Left will fill an important role for keeping these members within the party. When the coalition ends there will be a huge rebuilding task to do and we will need to retain as many members as we can to carry it out.

    Coalition does not need to be like this. The distinctive Lib Dem successes in the coalition with Labour in Scotland such as the abolition of full time HE and FE tuition fees, free personal care for the elderly, STV for local government etc, are still in place even today. Alex Salmond’s government dare not touch them. Wouldn’t it be terrific to bring even some of these achievements to England!

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