We’re finally getting an ethical foreign policy!

November 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

DFID: an ethical approach to overseas aid

For all of the talk of the late Robin Cook, Labour-during thirteen years in office-never managed to deliver on what Cook wanted, namely an ‘ethical foreign policy.’

I would argue that it has taken the election of this Coalition Government to begin to see this dream coming to fruition.

Want proof?

Well, I fully support the Govt’s decision not to provide aid to countries who have a dreadful human rights and, specifically, gay rights record.

I’m a big believer in overseas aid and am very proud that the Coalition ring-fenced DFID money upon coming to office.

However, we shouldn’t be giving money to regime and country’s in which homosexuality remains illegal and in which gay people are treated like criminals and, in some cases, are beaten (and worse) purely because of their sexuality.

This is the start of a genuinely ethical foreign policy and it is one that I very much welcome.

I hope to see further moves towards an ethical approach to international relations in the coming months and years.

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