If you’re a Labour moderate your party’s deserted you…so come and join the Lib Dems!

October 2, 2011 § 6 Comments

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Labour has deserted its moderate beliefs...and members.

If you are a New Labourite, a Labour moderate, your party has now deserted you.

After last week’s lurch to the Left your party is now headed for the electoral buffers, taking on any business that doesn’t meet its unspecified standards (though, apart from a couple of examples, no Minister-interviewed on TV-could seem to name a company that would fall under the title of ‘predators), still not apologising in any kind of meaningful way for leaving the country with-as Liam Byrne famously admitted-‘no money left.’

A party which feels able to easy boo and hiss at the mention of the name of its most succesful and centrist leader is no longer one that can be a home for moderates.

Whatever our problems with Tony Blair (and some of his policies were unforgivable) there’s no doubt that he was a pragmatist and that he at least attempted to govern from the pragmatic centre ground…and-in electoral terms at least-was incredibly successful.

A party which can cheer the likes of Kinnock and Brown-but boo Blair-is a party which is now rusted on its Left-leaning axis.

There is now only one party which is in and represents the radical centre in British politics: The Liberal Democrats.

A party which is economically Liberal on financial matters and socially Liberal on others is, I would argue, the best example of what Mr Blair might once have called ‘The Third Way.’

So, if you’re one of those who is a centrist pragmatist, someone on the centre-left, Labour is clearly no longer for you.

I can assure you, you’ll find a very warm welcome in the Lib Dems.

I look forward to hearing of many defections in the coming weeks, months and years.

§ 6 Responses to If you’re a Labour moderate your party’s deserted you…so come and join the Lib Dems!

  • very rare to see people arguing why anyone should defect TO the liberal democrats these days haha. i agree with you wholeheartedly however.

  • John Smith says:

    A totally uninspiring and the old general rhetoric of a Liberal Democrat who forgets his party is in government. The current economic policies of our yellow friends alongside their Tory chums can hardley be described as liberal (thats liberal with a small l, not a capital L as incorrectly written in this article). Taking the figurative axe to our public sector whilst cutting taxes to the super rich and punishing their own student voting base is proof of this. The Labour party is a party which is constantly evolving its direction depending on the leadership and membership of the party, as well as the country, and this can of course see moves slightly more to the left or right. Record numbers of people are currently joining the Labour party, with many people jumping off the sinking ship with its yellow bird hoist at half mast, definatly NOT the other way.

  • John, changing the profile of the austerity programme doesn’t alter the fact that its Labour’s legacy, imposed from beyond the grave by the simple expedient of spending all the money.

    This is not a Tory cuts agenda we have signed up to, it is a Labour cuts agenda imposed on the country. If you are angry about the cuts, Labour is the last party you should support.

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  • disciplefromthethirdfloor says:

    I know if you repeat something enough times, it appears to be become true in politics – but suggesting ‘labour spent all the money’ really is a dishonest way to treat people. If that was the cause of our economic woes, then it is also the case in USA, Greece, Italy, Spain, Japan and most of the rest of the world.

    Apparently the books balanced just fine before the banks started imploding. Yet, it is uniquely Gordon Brown’s fault, despite the same thing happening in many countries, some with liberal, conservative, other other types of governments.

    When I read on the front page of the Telegraph last week, ‘Cameron Urges People to Pay off Their Credit Cards’ all I could say was ‘idiot’. Misunderstanding fundamentally what a recession is deliberate. Of course, people with lots of savings would love us rest of the population to pay off our debts – then the bank of England could increase interest rates again. Pop fact though – most people are struggling at the moment, and most people don’t have many thousands in savings, as it turns out. Most people aren’t millionaires, like the entire cabinet are.

    The reason we end up in recession is through LESS spending. The coalition’s answer to recovering the economy is to spend LESS on the public sector. So, decreasing spend (most of which goes into the private sector) is not a very bright idea to get the economy moving again. I should point out that public sector salaries, of course, get spent mostly in the private sector too!

    That, coupled with stagnant wages, and idiots like Cameron trying to make people feel guilty for borrowing money, are really, really not helping. When economists say consumer confidence is affected – that’s what they mean! So, stop the doom and gloom about how little money we have.

    The reason the world economies are struggling is because of fickle and undisciplined bond markets. What your government needs to do, with everyone else, is to get some courage, and stop letting short termist markets dictate all fiscal policy. The democratic governments are meant to be in control of this world, not random investors who act like sheep. So grow up and start taking some responsibility in government, instead of blaming the last one every time something goes wrong.

    The classic line here though is “represents the radical centre”. this is a contradiction in terms. It’s like saying ‘Coldplay the radical rock band’, or ‘Hovis the radical bread brand’. It’s nonsensical – pushing for the centre just makes the Lib Dems a middle of the road, dullard, nothing party. I’m not a big fan of the Labour party, but at least they recognise we need a left of centre party finally. The other two seem quite happy to cosy up to each other, kissing the bankers and traders over and over again.

    If the Lib Dems actually had the guts to stand up against the people who have really screwed over our economy – the people who are sucking wealth upwards at an increasingly fast rate – then you wouldn’t be harping on about the centre ground all the time. Get a sense of proportion and stop blaming other people for things you have control to change.

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