The day I met Nick Clegg

April 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Nick Clegg in Hinckley (photo taken by me)

I met Nick Clegg today.

He came up to Hinckley and took questions from party members/activists/Councillors.

Clegg seemed on fine form; on top of his brief and confident that, despite the rough time our party is having in the polls and the press, the Lib Dems have a very strong message to tell people.

He answered questions on a range of issues, including pensions, tuition fees, NHS reform, planning, and so on.

In a key line, he told those of us gathered (at the excellent newly refurbished Atkins building in Hinckley-funded in part by the Lib Dem-ran Borough Council) that, at the next election, there’ll only be one party advocating cuts…Labour.

By then, it is hoped, the nation will be in a much better economic state and we’ll have come to the end of the Coalition’s cuts and the Lib Dems will be able to go to the electorate saying ‘elect us and we’ll invest in public services.’

Nick also admitted that, whilst there are some Tories he finds it easy to work with, there are some he finds it impossible to work with.

Myself and my fellow local Lib Dems left the meeting feeling cheered, invigorated and ready for the political fight ahead.

The Lib Dem’s symbolic bird will soar once again!

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