Lib Dem backbencher right to call for change to benefit cap plans

March 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Jenny Willott MP

I fully support Lib Dem MP and Welfare Spokesperson, Jenny Willott, in calling for changes to Government plans to cap benefits at £500 per family per week.

As she rightly points out in some  parts of the country, where rent could eat up £400 of that each week, whole families could be left with just £100 per week to live on.

I agree that the Welfare system is in need of root and branch reform, because there are too many families where generation after generation haven’t worked-which is no good for them or for our society, but putting such a cap on benefits will only add to the woes of already hard-pressed families.

There are deep concerns that such a cap would increase cases of child poverty, something this Government said would not be rising due to its policies.

I’m a supporter of and campaigner with the excellent housing charity, Shelter.

It’s Head of Policy, Roger Harding, recently told the Commons’ Welfare Bill Committee that the current proposals could cause more harm than good.

He said: “Analysis at Shelter shows that much of the South East will become unaffordable to three children families, because of the cap.”

Continuing, “For a typical family of two adults-with one or both working-and three children, if both parents lose their jobs they will suddenly face not receiving enough housing benefit to live not only in their town, but in their region.”

We, Lib Dem activists, candidates, and councillors need to be supporting Jenny Willott and other senior Lib Dems, in their call for a re-think on this issue by the Government.

Before it’s too late.

§ One Response to Lib Dem backbencher right to call for change to benefit cap plans

  • John says:

    Disagree. If an area has accommodation that’s more than £500 a week then that area should find that extra from within its own borders either through a sales tax, taxes on businesses or extra rateable taxation.

    It’s not up to places with their own problems to subsidise the richer areas. There’s been a cap on Stockport and Manchester benefit levels for years a lot less than the £500 a week. Jo has it wrong.

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