There is no need to re-name our party

March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I'm proud to be a Liberal Democrat

So, according to a report in one of the Sunday papers, there is talk among some Lib Dem insiders (whoever they are) that because, at the moment, ours is not exactly the most popular political party in Britain, we need to re-name it and give it a new symbol.

I personally believe no such re-branding is needed.

Let’s start, firstly, with our symbol. The soaring bird. The phoenix, you could say, rising from the flames.
Yes, I know, it came about as a pictorial representation of the creation of our party (in its modern form) following the Liberal-SDP merger.
But I believe it symbolises much more than just that.
It is, for me at least, a symbol of hope, of opportunity, of a belief that we can pursue a better way and a better world.

So, personally, I’d be against the binning of the soaring bird symbol for something else.

I would, even more strongly, be against the re-naming of our party.
Although we may not, currently, be very popular-in terms of national polling-the fact remains that we are a well-known brand.
People understand what we Liberal Democrats stand for, even if we’re currently having to do things which might be at odds with our party policy because we’re in a Coalition with the Conservatives.

From reading his diaries I know that Paddy Ashdown (one of my political heroes) once tried to remove the word ‘Liberal’ from our party name twenty some-odd years ago.
He failed then and I believe any similar attempt would fail now.
We are ‘Liberals’ first and last; whether we’re social liberals or economic liberals we are, all of us in our party, liberal.
The ‘Democrats’ part of our name is also very important, as that is exactly what we are.

So, we need to remember all the good things we’re doing in Government, remember our long and proud history, hold our heads up high and tell the World:

We’re proud to be Liberal Democrats.

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