Will Tim Farron be the next Deputy Prime Minister?

March 16, 2011 § 4 Comments

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Tim Farron DPM?

Tim Farron is my favourite Lib Dem MP.

I was proud to play an (albeit small) part in his run for the party Presidency…I campaigned here in the East Midlands for him to win.

He’s someone who has inspired me to continue to fight for what I believe in…an ending to poverty, a fairer and greener country, and so on.

He’s a fantastic speaker…whether on a platform or on the media.

He also seems like a genuinely really nice bloke, which is a bonus.

So, he is a one of our party’s brightest stars.

Lots of people are suggesting that he could be a future leader of our party.

I am, of course, loyal to our current leader…I think Nick Clegg has been brave in taking our party into Government and is taking some very tough decisions in difficult circumstances…but, without doubt, I’d love to see Tim lead our party at some point.

Which leads me to think about what happens post 2015.

If, and I hope this doesn’t happen, as some are suggesting Nick loses his seat in Parliament we will, obviously, need to choose a new leader.

I would certainly vote for Tim if he stood and would be very happy to campaign for him.

If, as could well happen, Labour becomes the largest party after the next election-but we still have a hung Parliament-who better than Tim, who is a leading social liberal, to lead us into a potential Coalition with the Labour Party?

Of course this is all pure speculation, but is certainly not beyond the realms of speculation.

For the moment, however, he has a very important job to do as our President; continuing to inspire us, be one of our best spokespeople in the media, getting around the country around the country, and so on.

But as for the future…who knows?

§ 4 Responses to Will Tim Farron be the next Deputy Prime Minister?

  • Tracy says:

    I agree, but I really really really don’t want to think of losing Nick and hope he continues for quite a while. We need to concentrate on our current leader and not speculate about future leaders at the is point. This is when Nick needs us most and our commitment must be focused.

  • JohnM says:

    Sorry but the thought of a coalition with Labour at this point in time and with their constant lying abuse, makes me puke!

  • Neil Baker says:

    Westmorland and Lonsdale is an interesting seat and I know little about it, I’ll admit. What’s the story behind Tim Farron turning a majority of 267 to one of 12,264 at the General Election?

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