We need our brightest stars to speak up for ‘Yes to Fairer Votes!’

March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Charles Kennedy

Well, what a slightly ludicrous situation.

According to reports, due to the Yes to AV people apparantly telling Nick Clegg that they didn’t want him to share a platform with Ed Miliband (reports suggest they feel Clegg is now too unpopular and would not be an asset to the effort) Clegg-in turn-then vetoed Charles Kennedy┬ábeing on a platform with the Labour leader.

This whole thing reflects badly on the ‘Yes’ campaign, in truth.

However, Clegg’s reported reaction wasn’t his best ever decision…and it’s one he had to reverse almost as soon as he’d made it.

The fact is-for the moment at least-our former leader, Mr Kennedy, is rather more popular with the public than our current one.

We need all of our brightest Parliamentary stars to be advocating for a ‘Yes’ vote in May 5th’s referendum.

That includes Kennedy, as well as others-led by the newly appointed Chairman of Lib Dems Yes to Fairer Votes, Tim Farron.

However, I also need to make clear that-as Press Officer for Fairer Votes Leicestershire-this is a people led movement for change…not a politician-led one.

Yes to Fairer Votes is a cross-party effort and, indeed, also has people involved who are of no party.

So, whilst we welcome the occasional intervention by politicians, this referendum will only be won if ordinary people advocate for change.

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