A great weekend for Nick Clegg!

March 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Nick Clegg at conference yesterday

I’ve been quite amused by the portrayal of this weekend’s Lib Dem Conference from much of the Westminster-based media.

It has shown just how wrong they are.

You see, if you were to rely on the Political Editor’s of our major national newspapers and broadcasters for a judgement on the Lib Dem’s federal Spring Conference in Sheffield (which I wasn’t able to get to, due to work and other commitments), you could be fooled for believing that it was ‘war’ between the party leadership and its membership.

The membership delivered ‘a blow’ to the leadership on NHS reforms.

What rot!

I’d like to propose a theory which, to my knowledge, no one else has suggested:

This weekend has worked out perfectly for Nick Clegg and has starkly proven the differences between the two Coalition parties.

In other words, it has been a perfect Conference ahead of the May local elections.

On Friday, Clegg gave a wide-ranging interview to The Independent newspaper…including, I’m very pleased to say, him publicly stating what we all know-that David Cameron has been talking ‘drivel’ in his opposition to a change to the AV voting system for Westminster elections.

Then yesterday, the party asserted its centre-left credentials by supporting the Harris/Williams amendments on the NHS and Clegg spoke out against any privatisation of our National Health Service.

Though, officially, it was a defeat for the leadership actually it worked out perfectly for Clegg…it gave him a reason to set out his stall in stark contrast to the privatising tendencies of the Tories.

Then, this afternoon, Clegg gave a tubthumping speech-from what I saw of it…the BBC cut away after ten minutes!-giving us a reminder of the many things we’re achieving in Government.

For me his best line was: “We’re not left-wing, we’re not wright-wing…we have our own label: Liberal.’

Clegg proved what a brave, passionate, dedicated leader he is.

We’re lucky to have him…and so is the country.

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