A victory for common sense!

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Lib Dems...we love the NHS!

As you may be aware, I’m not at Federal Conference in Sheffield, but I’ve been keeping up with developments today, via Twitter, and am pleased to hear that members overwhelmingly backed the Harris/Williams amendments re the proposed reforms of the NHS.

I’m equally pleased to hear that Nick Clegg has himself said that the NHS must not be privatised.

In a Q&A session at conference the Deputy PM commented: “Yes to reform of the NHS…no to privatisation of the NHS.”

I’m very pleased to hear my leader say these words…but this must be more than just rhetoric.

This must mean a change to Government policy.

I, of course, know that-as part of a Coalition Government-we must accept that not everything we want to see implemented will be done…but, equally, rank and file Lib Dems must not be treated as awkward relatives.

Therefore, we must see some changes to Government policy on the NHS as a result of conference passing the amendments this afternoon.

Today’s vote, along with previous ones, such as that opposing ‘free’ schools, shows that social liberalism still beats strong in the heart of the overwhelming majority of Liberal Democrats.

This is an important signal to our voters to stick with us during these hard times.

We need them now more than ever before.

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