Labour must come out and fully back AV

February 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

When will Miliband take a lead over AV?

I’ve not seen such lilly livered, cowardly custard, responses to something for a long time as that of Labour to the AV referendum.

Are they ‘for’ AV or ‘against’ it? It’s really difficult to know from the non-answers on the issue given by most of its Shadow Ministers and backbench MP’s.

Labour should be backing what would be a great leap forward towards a more proportional voting system.

You even get people like Lord John Prescott…who used to pour scorn on the House of Lords until someone put the red ermine over his own shoulders…opposing AV.

I can’t be the only one to notice the irony of a member of an unelected House opposing a measure to make votes fairer and put more power in the hands of the people

Labour are split asunder on this issue and it shows, yet again, why Ed Miliband is such a useless leader.

He doesn’t even have the strength of character to lead from the front on this issue; to make it explicitly clear that Labour is overwhelmingly in favour of a change to AV for Westminster election.

We Lib Dems, from our Leader Nick Clegg right the way down to the ‘lowliest’ leafleter, are behind AV and we’ll work as hard as possible to campaign for a ‘yes’ vote.

To be fair, many Labour people in Leicestershire have made it clear that they do support it and it’s good to work with them, but nationally Labour’s approach is less than coherent.

This is a chance for us progressives to unite in opposition to the ‘No’ campaign, which is mostly made up of conservatives (though, of course, there are a few Tories who do support AV-but not many.)

Ed Miliband has carped on time after time about wanting to work closer with Lib Dems, well now is the chance.

AV will mean candidates’ need to get the support of at least 50% of their electorates, unlike often only 30+% for many current MP’s. it’ll end the idea of ‘safe seats’ meaning MP’s have to work harder for their electorates, but AV also makes sure there will be stable Government (Australia, for example, has been using AV for around 90 years and, over that time, AV has resulted in only two ‘hung Parliaments.’)

So, Mr Miliband, over to you.

§ 2 Responses to Labour must come out and fully back AV

  • Anon says:

    Here’s a tip from an undecided voter – this sort of hyper-partisan Lib Dem article makes me more inclined to vote No to AV. If you want AV then you should be working together with Ed Miliband, not slagging him off.

  • Cat says:


    Boring tribal rubbish, as usual. Moaning about and insulting Labour and Ed aren’t exactly going to endear Labour activists to campaign for AV, and why should Ed expend energy fighting for a policy that is your baby.

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