Blair finally loses his grip on the Labour Party

January 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

'New Labour' is dead.

To think, I’d begun to believe the most interesting political event of today was the big TV re-match between beefy Adam Boulton in the Right corner and alpha Alistair Campbell on the Left, on Sky News this lunchtime.

Then came tonight’s unexpected announcement of Alan Johnson stepping down as Shadow Chancellor, to be replaced by Ed ‘It’s not Brown’s, it’s…’ Balls.

There’s already been much comment on this tonight…and I should imagine tomorrow’s newspapers will use up innumerable dead trees analysing it to the enth degree.

I, however, have just one point to make…the Shadow Cabinet re-shuffle Johnson’s decision has forced marks the final death knell of Tony Blair’s grip on the Labour Party.

RIP New Labour 1994-2011.

Reading the roster of ‘Red’ Ed Miliband’s new line-up must be, for Gordon Brown and his acolytes, like the wettest of wet dreams.

All of his minions are there and in very prominent positions: Balls, Shadow Home Secretary; Douglas Alexander, Shadow Foreign Secretary; Yvetter Cooper-Mrs Balls-Shadow Home Secretary…and on and on.

The few Blairites, such as new Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne (who I used to have to interview back when I was a radio news reporter in the West Midlands) stick out like a thumb which is that saw it’s practically devoid of life.

Labour is now unashamedly Brownite.

The Honourable Member for Kirkcaldy has finally crushed Blairism…very unlikely for it ever to rear it’s sparkly eyed, false smiled head again.

And, thus, Labour has surely made itself unelectable for at least a generation.

What a sorry pass for a once great party.

§ One Response to Blair finally loses his grip on the Labour Party

  • ivanjelical says:

    Your lucky, I lived most of my first 30 years under Tory rule, watched my first son delivered by an NHS manager
    (an ex mid wife) due to there being no staff. We are heading for worse, aided and abetted by the LibDems. The LibDem will cease to exist, the country will be the mean and bitter little country that Thatcher left it again.

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