We’ll take no lessons from Labour on social mobility

January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Andy Burnham-He may have 'pretty' eyelashes, but he's engaged in ugly politics.

As I write this I’m watching the Education Maintenance Allowance debate in the House of Commons on BBC Parliament and am becoming increasingly annoyed at the rank hypocrisy of Labour MP’s.

If it wasn’t so serious, it’d be laughable.

The issue of EMA’s is very important and what that needs serious reflection and serious debate; not the ‘nothing to do with me, Jack’ attitude from the deficit deniers on the Labour benches.

Andy Burnham flashes his pretty eyelashes and puts on that ‘man of the people’ voice and blames the Coalition for all the cuts they’re making, including on EMA’s, without reflecting in any way, shape or form on his role-as a former Chief Secretary to the Treasury-on leaving the country with, as a Labour successor of his in that position famously pointed out-‘no money left.’

Labour members speak about their passion for increasing social mobility-something I am myself passionate about-whilst conspicuously failing to mention that, under the thirteen years of their Government-the gap between the richest and poorest grew.

So, their attempt to increase social mobility palpably failed.

This kind of rank hypocrisy is becoming a regular Labour trait.

Remember the issue of tuition fees-from their shock and horror at the Government’s announcements you’d have thought Labour hadn’t, when in Government, been the ones who introduced them in the first place and go on to introduce top-up fees.

The intention and hope of this Government is, instead of having one universal payout, which goes to those who don’t need it as well as those who do, that help is, in fact, targeted to those who need it most.

Liberal Democrats in Government, with their Conservative colleagues, will be looking to ensure that is the case.

But if Labour are ever be trusted with the Government of our country again, they need to stop this rank hypocrisy, admit the failings of their own most recent Government, and come up with some policies of their own.

Until then, they are nothing more than a laughing-stock.

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