Lib Dems right to focus on ‘Alarm Clock’ Britain

January 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

David head-up new task force.

I welcome the news this morning that one of the Liberal Democrats’ brightest stars, David Laws MP, is to head up an internal party unit, looking at how policies effect low and middle-income¬†families and to ensure that we Lib Dems, as a distinct, independent political party, have a good crop of policies heading into the next General Election, likely to be in 2015.

Of course no one is suggesting that it is only low and middle-income families who get up early or who work hard…however, the difference between many of them and those who are better off, is that the better off have a choice…many of those on low incomes do not; their job dictates how early they have to rise, they often go and do jobs that no one else wants to do, for little recompense.

According to reports, the focus will be on those who earn between ¬£6,475 and ¬£37,400, which is around 70% of the population, including myself…and I’m towards the lower end of that scale.

Of course Government has to be there for all of our nation’s citizens but, I say again, that the difference between the people in this wage bracket and those who earn more is the lack of ‘choice.’

Life isn’t all about how much money we earn and the acquisition of ‘things’ but, having enough money to lead a comfortable existence, gives people ‘choice’; about their child’s education, about their healthcare, about actually having some time to be with family and have some fun, rather than constantly be worried about their financial predicament.

So, if the Lib Dems are now focusing on this ‘Alarm Clock’ Britain, I very much welcome that.

If we come at this in the right way, it could result in us having the best, most radical and progressive set of policies come the time of the next election.

§ One Response to Lib Dems right to focus on ‘Alarm Clock’ Britain

  • Helen Copeland says:

    So in other words, and this is the message that seems to be coming across… unless you are willing to get up early, go to work come rain, wind or shine then you won’t get supported. Nick Clegg was quoted as saying “In Alarm Clock Britain people don’t want a handout but they appreciate a helping hand. And that is exactly what the Coalition Government is offering them.”

    Unfortunately, not everyone has that choice.. I don’t want a handout, but I also don’t want to be labelled as some kind of scrounger who can’t be arsed to work which is currently what this coalition Government and media seem to be doing hand in hand… You just have to open a newspaper and there is always coverage on how much benefit claimants cost the taxpayer… It would be nice for a change not to be tarred with the same brush..

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