It’s time to toughen up…and take the fight to the streets!

January 6, 2011 § 4 Comments

We’re all doomed. Our lowest poll results since the Lib Dems were formed in 1988. Nick Clegg as unpopular as David Owen was when he led the rump post-merger SDP.

Well, we may as well all give up now then, eh?

It appears some of us already have…even at least one of the founders of the modern Liberal Democrats.

They appear to have had a hissy fit, something akin to “if I can’t have everything my way, I’m leaving,” thrown their toys out of their respective prams, and have gone.

Oh, except for the fact that some of these former comrades give themselves a get-in clause by saying they may consider coming back if the party changes back to how they want it to be.

What utter rot!

Frankly, we can do without people who are only, whatever their longevity, fair-weather members…as soon as a storm comes, they take their brollies and head for the hills.

How on earth does that help the rest of us social liberals to help pressure our leadership to always make sure social liberalism is at the heart of policy making?

Sorry, but this kind of jelly-for-backbone, stroppy, frankly lazy attitude really makes me mad.

Many of us have concerns about some areas of Government policy…of course we do, this is a Coalition Government.

But you do not solve these issues, or exert any kind of meaningful influence, by flouncing out of the party and saying you’ll only come back when things change.

To be honest that is an insult to those of us pounding the streets each day, taking our vital message to our voters/prospective voters.

That is the only way we’ll get over this current difficult period, by continuing to deliver Focus’s, do our surveying, speak to local people, make sure our voice is heard loud and clear in the local media, and so on.

‘Where we work, we win’ is still largely correct.

So, let’s put a stop to this spate of people resigning their membership-thinking they’re being principled when all they’re really being is deeply unhelpful-and lets go about doing what we Liberal Democrats are best at: campaigning to make our local areas better.

If we can sure up our local bases-and I know we can-making them strong, we can have more influence on our leadership at Westminster.

Right, i’m off to deliver some Focus’s in my village.

What about you?

§ 4 Responses to It’s time to toughen up…and take the fight to the streets!

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  • The Druid says:

    I dont really get this. A political party is not like a football team, where you pick an alligiance and stick with it through thick and thin. If you dont like what a political party is doing, why would you continue to support it? If you think, for example: “hang on a second. We made all these promises and seem to have absolutely no intention of delivering on them,” does that not sound like a reasonable basis for a re-evaluation of your loyalties? Not just a couple of promises made as part of a broader manifesto, by the way, but some pretty fundamental things. Some things that were meant to be so sacrosanct that they were committed to a pledge, that now, in retrospect, looks like the most blatent of political stunts.

    I wonder if some of the people who are leaving the party are not more committed to some of the ideas the claimed to be fighting for before the election than they are to the label “Liberal Democrat”. They might actually have believed that line about “making too many cuts now would risk damaging the economy”, and feel uncomfortable being complicit in such savage cutting.

    Just a thought.

  • Ana says:

    And you’ve been a member of how many parties Mathew?

  • Mike Shaw says:

    It’s easy to walk away when the going gets tough- and often a lot more comfortable. However it doesn’t make the problem go away.

    I’ve been fighting for affordable housing, better transport, an end to local government waste, civil liberties, no gung-ho illegal wars, fairer taxes and the rights of the individual for years. If I stop fighting, will somebody else just take my place?

    I could walk away from politics tomorrow and not have to think about difficult problems again. I’d never have to go to a lengthy public meeting again. I’d never have to deal with peoples’ parking problems or spend hours on the phone reporting icy roads. Life would certainly be easy, but I’m not sure it’d be half as rewarding.

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