Lib Dems would be fools to leave for Labour!

December 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Is it just me or has Ed Miliband been an unmitigated disaster so far in his new role as the new Labour Leader?

He only won because of the support of the trade unions; his performances at Prime Minister’s Questions have been lamentable; he’s dumped on so much of Labour’s record that he has nothing to base any kind of defence of his party’s time of office on; he has no policies of his own-describing them as a ‘blank sheet’; on issues like tuition fees he’s shown blatant hypocrisy and opportunism.

Oh, but, he has done one thing at least…he’s reportedly¬†appointed Times journo Tom Baldwin to be his new spin chief, his own Alistair Campbell if you will.

So, there you have it, no record that he wants to defend, no current policies, but placing a priority on ‘New Labour’ style spin.

This is the man who is now, today, encouraging Lib Dems to leave our party and ‘cross the floor’ to Labour.

He must be having a laugh, no?

Why on earth would any sane Lib Dem want to leave and join his rag-tag band-with all the splits that are becoming more and more evident (including with his own Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson) and with its record, when in Government, of dumping on civil liberties, joining George W.Bush in his illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, introducing tuition fees and top-up fees, etc?

‘Red’ Ed may be making sympathetic, simpering left-wing¬†noises in a bid to woo those of us who consider ourselves social liberals-as I do-and who may be feeling a bit bruised after the tuition fees issue, but we’d be like turkeys voting for Christmas if we were to join him and his lot.

I am proud to be a Liberal Democrat and will continue to be so.

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