We can win here in the East Midlands

September 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is an important time for the Liberal Democrats here in the East Midlands.

Our day-long regional party conference is coming up next month in Nottinghamshire.

Sadly, after Paul Homes’ defeat in Chesterfield at the General Election back in May, there is currently no Lib Dem Member of Parliament in the East Midlands.

That is deeply saddening, but there is a great deal of hope for the future.

The stats show that we have a great opportunity to take Westminster seats here in this region at the next election.

In Ashfield, Lib Dem candidate Jason Zadrozny secured the second biggest swing to the Lib Dems in the entire country (17.2%), meaning we very nearly took a safe Labour seat.

Here in my seat of Bosworth, Lib Dems got the biggest swing (6%) against any Tory MP in the country.

Our candidate Michael Mullaney also secured the 9th biggest vote rise in the country, out of 631 seats.

We need to build on those results over the next five years.

That starts by defending the Councils’ we hold across our region at next year’s May local elections and trying to win new seats in more authorities.

I’m hoping to attend the regional conference, which is being attended by current President Baroness Ros Scott and our brilliant Deputy Leader Simon Hughes.

At that event there will no doubt be rigorous debate about policy as well as training on things such as telephone canvassing and ‘Focus’ production.

One thing we must ensure is that this region remains important for the present and future of our party.

There are hundreds of thousands of people across this region who need our party to be strong and to speak up in their interests.

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