Labour is split on Iraq, civil liberties and the economy

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Labour may have a shiny new leader in (sorry, but I am still going to call him ‘Red’, whatever his protestations) ‘Red’ Ed Miliband┬ábut, after his turgid and ill-timed speech yesterday, it is surely clear that Labour is split from top to bottom.

One thing I certainly did agree with Ed on is his assessment of the last Government’s largely derisory record; he was right to say that the invasion of Iraq was ‘wrong,’ and I’m proud that it was the Liberal Democrats who were the only major party, en masse, who voted against it in Parliament.

But, David disagrees with Ed on that (and, no doubt, much else besides), and David told off Harriett and Alistair’s warning Ed, and Alan disagrees with the new Leader on Home Affairs issues and on and on.

What a total and utter shower!

If this is the ‘new generation,’ I’ll stick with what we’ve got thanks very much.

If his performance so far this week is anything to go by ‘Red’ Ed has a lot to learn about leadership.

But, then, he does have five long years to try to get it right.

Five years in which Lib Dem Ministers, as part of this Coalition Government, will be working to make Britain free, fair and green.

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