Why I’m backing Tim Farron to be our President

September 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tim Farron MP

I’m supporting Tim Farron, the MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, to become the new President of the Liberal Democrats, succeeding the fantastic Baroness Ros Scott.

I believe he is the right man to do the job; enthusiastic, passionate, committed, caring.

I supported Farron for the Deputy Leadership earlier this year, though it was always going to be a tough call against the ever popular Simon Hughes.

The reason I did so-and am supporting him again now-is that Farron is passionate about combating injustice, especially poverty and we need someone who will ensure the party remains committed to such ideals…whatever the fleeting commitments of the Coalition Government may be.

He is a proven winner, campaigner, strategist and will be a clear and strong voice for the membership and activists right across the country.

In recent months Tim has received some adverse press when he’s dared to criticise Conservatives and even some Lib Dems have said he’s being disloyal; but, remember, he is not a Minister and has an absolute right to stay true to his beliefs and convictions…even if it does mean occasionally attacking our Coalition partners.

But I also know he wants to see Liberal Democrats being a success in Government, pursuing genuine Lib Dem policies.

He’d make a first-class President and I urge you to support him.

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