September 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

These next eight months are set to be some of the most important of my life so far.

I am running to be selected by my party, the Liberal Democrats, as a candidate for local elections being held next May to Barwell Parish and Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council’s.

I joined the party shortly before the General Election earlier this year, and was proud to be part of a team (in Bosworth) which saw our excellent PPC, Michael Mullaney, gain a massive 6% swing from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrats; not quite enough to unseat the Tory incumbent but more than enough to make it winnable next time round.

I have previously been a member of the Labour and Green parties, but never felt truly at home in them…uncomfortable with many of their respective policies.

The Liberal Democrats policies and principles are in sync with mine; a belief in social justice, liberty, fairness, freedom, environmental issues, and freedom of expression.

I believe passionately in the liberal cause and will do my best to promote it in my area and, thanks to modern technology, to the wider world.

In my home village, which I’m seeking to represent, I am a community leader and am involved with a number of groups doing some fantastic work.

Over the coming months, as we have already begun to do, we will be canvassing the views of local people; getting their opinions on local issues as well as the wider political scene.

I have, at my heart, the needs and concerns of local people and ensuring they have a voice in local democracy.

I also write a column for a weekly local newspaper and present on local radio and so have a platform to speak out on the issues which interest and concern me.

And, from today, I have this blog…on which, each day, and hopefully more than once a day, I’m going to be jotting down my thoughts on politics, both local, national and international.

I’d love for this to be a two-way interaction, with you getting involved with the debates.

That is true democracy in action.

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